Plant containers and trays made from recycled household waste

No longer requiring the use of carbon. Completely and therefore 100% recyclable. Time and time again. But what’s perhaps even more important for the industry: this raw material in pots and trays is detectable in the sorting machines of the waste industry. The pots and trays will therefore not be incinerated unnecessarily during the recycling process.

So why the collective and the use of household waste? The previous plant containers and plant trays were more or less solely produced from industrial plastic waste. However, this production process eventually produced a ‘black’ grain. Due to the great diversity of industrial plastic waste – a car dashboard for example – this black grain contains carbon. It is precisely this carbon that is problematic when consumers throw away the plastic plant pot with their general household plastic waste. At many European sorting companies, the addition of carbon gave cause to divert the neatly sorted pots to the incinerator. In other words, this recycled product would not be reused.

Thanks to adjustment of the materials used, the new containers are 100% detectable, and will therefore be ground down to their constituent plastic.

Can you see or feel any difference? No. The containers and trays have remained the same, for the uses for which they were intended. The participants in Eco-Loop will, however, add a QR code to the plant label and/or on their plant container, which interested consumers can scan. They will then be directed to this platform, where they will find a short video giving a brief description of how we handle these pots during the initial production and recycling processes. Eco-Loop is an initiative by a number of dedicated growers and producers who wish to jointly contribute to taking the next sustainable steps, as a collective. And to include consumers in the underlying process of recycling, to show them what we do and why we do it. Together, we literally and figuratively ensure a greener planet.

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